What inspired you to set up Purition?

We started Purition because we wanted to do things differently. The truth is nobody has a "protein shake deficiency", so to get better results your nutrition has to better than it was yesterday. The best way to do this is eat more real food. To be honest, Purition is not really a 'protein shake' because it's so much more than a single macronutrient. Instead, we should call it "a better nutrition shake".


Can you tell me a bit about Purition’s values?

At Purition we do things our own way and we do things right. We don't bow to the latest trends or superfood ingredients, we simply make great nutrition products from the best ingredients, regardless of cost.

Doing the right things is not always great for business but it's the reason we use ingredients like whole Madagascan vanilla pods instead of "organic natural vanilla flavourings" which are anything but natural or organic. It's the same reason why we are not organic, if Purition was organic most of ingredients would have to come from China and we just won't do that. Origin, traceability and sustainability are important to us.


How is Purition different to other protein powder brands on the market?

Purition is made with real food ingredients, not powders. Purition is beautifully balanced and contains all 3 macros in almost even amounts: Protein, Healthy Fats & Fibre (good carbs) and almost no sugar/starch (not so good carbs).


What are the benefits of including Purition in a training regime?

We say to use Purition 4 or 5 times a week for best results. On rest days use it for a filling breakfast that will keep you going for 4 or 5 hours. On training days, use it to as an additional light meal/snack to fuel your day or better, use Purition as your post exercise reward. Our Mac & Vanilla shake, blended with 1/4 of a frozen banana and your favourite milk tastes like ice-cream! 

Most of us eat enough protein without the need for 'protein shakes'. However, we eat it all in the evening which means we don't absorb it all because our bodies can only use 20-30g of protein at a time. Therefore, using a product like Purition will help you spread your protein intake throughout the day (so you won't ever need a highly processed protein powder after your workout), which is especially important as you age.


How should I use the shake if my aim is to increase muscle mass?

Increasing muscle mass is an interesting question. Building muscle is all to do with our biology (not bro-science) 'muscle building' is turned on by hormones and 'muscle building hormones' are turned on by exercise. No amount of protein in the world will give you muscles.  Having enough protein in your diet is important and it's far better to spread your protein intake throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). However, perhaps even more important than protein, is having a diet rich in natural whole foods that are bursting with micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) - it's micronutrients that make our hormonal systems work optimally.


…..and how is this different if I’m using the shake for weight loss?

The thing about 'weight loss' is we use the wrong word, what we should be saying is FAT LOSS because that is what everybody wants when they say weight loss. Sadly, with crash or fad diets all you get is weight loss (usually just muscle and water). There is a theme developing here, 'fat loss' is also a biological function. No amount of maths (counting calories) is going to help the vast majority of people lose body fat. In fact lose is the wrong word. There are only two ways to get rid of body fat, have it surgically removed (not recommend) or use it to fuel our bodies. 

What we eat affects our hormones and it's our hormones that regulate body fat.  Your body can only access body fat, to use as fuel, when you're eating enough of the right quality foods to be hormonally well regulated, and then only in the absence of sugar and starch. In reality, all this means is lots of leafy vegetables, low sugar fruits, seeds, nuts, eggs, meat, poultry, fish a dairy that naturally contain lots of water, healthy fats, protein, fibre and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and very little sugar and starch. No one get's substantially overweight by eating a 'balanced diet' and so you have to do something equally unbalanced to lose it and yes that means cutting out sugar, starch, processed fats and alcohol for a period of time.

Purition can help people who want to change their diet away from sugars, starch and processed/refined carbs quickly, because it contains lots of good nutrition and very little sugar so unsurprisingly it keeps you satisfied between meals. It helps that Purition also requires no special shopping, food prep or cooking to use. Blend Purition for Breakfast Monday to Friday to start using dietary fats (natural fats in the foods we eat) and when we run out of those, our own 'body fat' to fuel your day instead of sugars.  When using Purition for breakfast it also means you only have to get two meals a day right. Opt for a salad with some protein for lunch and a "low-carb" (no starch) evening meal, loads of veggies and some protein.

When using Purition daily, your nutrition will be improving which in turn means better, quicker and more sustainable fat loss results in the long term.


What role does exercise play in your life and what’s your favourite type of training?

I love lifting heavy things in a hiit circuit style of training. We focus on the eccentric movement so it's slow and steady. For me it's a super efficient way of training, no waiting between reps we just move on to another muscle group. I warm up on a Watt Bike and finish off with 5 x 15 second sprints at 100% intensity over 5 mins followed by lots of stretching. I work out at 6.30am to 7.30am and then go back home for large glass of Purition. 2 hours a week keeps me in shape (could always be better) because other than that I'm afraid to say I'm totally sedentary!

 Quick fire round....

Favorite Purition shake recipe?

Mac & Vanilla with 1/4 of a frozen banana and whole milk.


Ideal Sunday brunch?

Some rare breed air-cured bacon, 2 organic fried eggs on a Portobello mushroom or two!


Favorite recipe book?

Nigel Slater Appetite 


Favorite London restaurant?

I live in Shropshire but I do like to eat in London when i can: Best so far.... Social Eating House in Soho


Ingredients you couldn’t live without?

Good quality coconut milk and greek yoghurt


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