For those who aren't aware, tell us a bit about PRESS?

We want to be the most respected, diverse and truthful health-&-wellness company in the world. We create products, provide services and develop relationships that deliver positive, tangible change to people’s lives.

We believe that a happy life is a life in balance. Over time and according to circumstances people’s optimum life balance changes, the key is taking the time to pay attention to how you feel on an emotional, physical and mental level.

Cold-Pressed juice is where we started the journey but we have grown our product range and continue to do so. We have an events arm to the business and have our first “PRESS Presents” event in September. We are building platforms online to help people book nutritionists, create sustainable healthy food programs, and our new Magazine “The Squeeze” (cheesy we know:) is aimed at creating entertaining content

We have some very exciting parternships coming up with charities and causes later in the year and in 2017 we will be attempting to break a world record… more to come on that :)

What inspired you and Georgie to launch the brand?

Georgie and I both lived in the US and could see the amount of time and money people were spending on their health and well-being and how much of a priority those things were to people. We felt that cold-pressed juices were a great place to start the conversation with customers and deliver a quick, easy and enjoyable hit of health for buys people every day.

Can you explain the benefits of cold-pressed juices over other production methods?

The low temperatures and non-centrifugal processing slow down the oxidation process of key nutrients. In terms of the volume of the nutrient rich juice part of the vegetables and fruit you are getting, more than double the amount than in a traditional centrifuged juice.

Something important to note is that taste and texture are key! If people don’t enjoy healthier dietary options then they will never make them part of daily intake and remember they are competing against sugar, fat and salt rich alternatives which humans are evolutionarily programed to find delicious and addictive (see a book called “The End of Over Eating”). 

Busy Londoners now have a huge choice when it comes to juicing. What makes PRESS different?

We started with our recipes not margin/cost. We recognise that if things taste right, people will come back. So we spent almost a year before we launched continually working on recipes and listening to feedback. I can tell you all day that you should love kale juice but if you don’t then no one is going to make a positive change to their lives. So we spent time balancing flavours and nutritional content.

We also want every engagement people have with our company to be a fun and positive moment in their day. We don’t preach, we are about life in balance and we know that everyone has their own journey and their own balance.

For anyone considering a juice cleanse, what would you say the main benefits are?

Well we have all done a lot of cleanses in the past 3 years and for me without question it’s the feeling of control over your diet and the loss of the cravings for fatty, salty and sugary foods at the end.

Better sleep is something the team often talk about but that’s also due to the lack of caffeine (I don’t drink caffeine at all… I am already hyperactive and annoying enough).

For us it's not a long term fix but a spring board to making better changes.

The weight loss side of things is also something that people seem to tread lightly around. It’s a pretty simple equation… you are reducing your calorie intake over 3 days and removing solids from your digestive tract and so you lose weight. Most people lose around 4 to 5 lbs and for me, like with all things, it's great for people to see early positive improvement when they have chosen to invest in being healthier. But of course it must be stressed that in the long term the key again is balance, and to start making better choices long term on a non-calorie restricted diet…. The exciting part is that we are launching our subscription programs where we will fill peoples fridges every week with our soups, juices, snacks, shake recipes and supplements to create balanced and enjoyable healthy food choices.

We know that PRESS works with a nutritionist. Can you explain how she helps you?

Lilly Souter is a fantastic resource for us as our full time nutritionist. Georgie and I are health enthusiasts but we know our limitations when it comes to knowledge.

Lilly has a BSc Human Nutrition and dimplomas in nutritional therapy. She is evidence based in her approach and she keeps us honest. The question I always ask her when we launch new products is “would you be happy to put your name on this” if the answer is “No” then we go back to the drawing board and work out how to make things better.

We love that PRESS encourage a balanced approach to health. How do you keep the balance?

As I said, balance is different for everyone. I have learnt to notice in myself when things are becoming unbalanced. About 1.5 years into the journey of building PRESS I worked and worried myself into a very dark place. I wasn’t sleeping, I lost weight and I was probably depressed despite needing to keep a high energy optimistic outlook trying to keep PRESS moving forward.

I discovered a breathing exercise called the Whimhoff technique and it saved me from a certain breakdown. I love to workout and train but breathing for me has been the single greatest discovery for keeping me in balance.

Importantly for me life is about saying “yes” more than “no”. I try to fit everything in but am always wary now of saying “yes” too much to one part of my life. Partying is awesome and I love being social and yes, shocking I know, having a drink or two. However, knowing that if I am to enjoy my working week I also need to be rested and well slept.

What role does training play in your life?

I try to go to the gym 3 or 4 times per week. I don’t obsess over it but I like to stay in shape and I recognise the difference it makes in my mood and my mental state. For me the more I exercise the more energy I have.

The best way for me to ensure I get out of bed in the morning to go to the gym is to lay out my gym kit the night before. Somehow it makes not pressing the snooze button so much easier.

What’s the biggest lesson in business you’ve learnt so far?

A few things.

Persistence, high energy and optimism will get you a long way. Be nice to everyone. Life is too short to work with dick heads.

Always have a finance person close to you in the company. If you don’t know the numbers you will never win.

What are your hopes for the future of PRESS?

As naïve as it sounds we want to be the most respected, diverse and truthful health-&-wellness company in the world. We create products, provide services and develop relationships that deliver positive, tangible change to people’s lives. We always think its best to dream big and scale back only when you absolutely have to.


Quick fire round…

Favourite healthy eating spot in London…

Ok so my perspective is that most menus today allow you to order healthily. If you restrict yourself to eating in “healthy” places you can crush your social life!

Green juice or smoothie?

Green Juice (although our new smoothie menu that’s launching next month is going to be awesome!)

Hiit class or meditation?

Hiit Class (I do breathing at home)

Your perfect Sunday consists of…

Yesterday was it… Got up. Went to the gym, then cleared out my inbox whilst listening to radio 4 and having breakfast. Then played tennins in the sunshine - realized I am still unfit :) Then went and had late lunch with a friend for his birthday and then I watched a movie called The Founder. Bed by 10pm…. Very pleasing day.

Favourite holiday destination…

The Sanctuary Hotel in Thailand… amazing place and where I discovered breathing exercises…. Having said that, for a fun, exercise and nightlife holidays in the South of Portugal hold a lot of very fun memories. 

What’s the one piece of advice you’ve been given in life that’s rung true the most?

It’s actually advice that my dad gave me “The good guys win in the end”.

I have seen this now play out many times now and Karma seems to have a way of working its way back around.


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