Innermost represents a modern approach to nutritional supplements. Functional products that harness the power of superfoods and nutrient-rich active ingredients. Balanced formulations crafted by nutritionists and manufactured in the UK. Responsibly sourced, low-sugar and GMO-free with absolutely no nasties. It's a brand we're really excited to have partnered with and are proud to say are our nutritional suppliment provider of choice. We sat down with founder, Shiv Bassi, to find out a bit more about where Innermost came from and how they're different. 

What inspired you to start up Innermost? 

I was raised in a household where different foods and ingredients were regarded as having the ability to affect your health in tangible ways. Growing up, I developed an interest in fitness, which brought those two separate parts of my life together. While I’ve used nutritional supplements in the past, I always felt there was a gap between what I wanted to put into my body versus what was available. I felt the market was calling out for a smarter and more effective approach, so I decided to create Innermost. 

What makes Innermost different to the hundreds of other nutritional companies around the world? 

Innermost represents a modern approach to nutritional supplements. All our ingredients were chosen by leading nutritionists using evidence-based research resulting in a range of smart, effective and understandable products that represent some of the best nutritional supplements on the market today. Each product has been tailored to help achieve different goals across 4 categories – Strong, Fit, Health and Lean. We also have a very clear sense of what we stand for as a brand. We feel strongly about pushing back on some of the stereotypes we see within our industry and representing a modern lifestyle brand that celebrates people’s differences and inspires them to live their best lives.

What’s the benefit of a person taking one of your supplements over putting all the ingredients together themselves? 

Time and cost efficiencies aside, we’ve taken great care to ensure that ingredients are used in concentrations that will make a difference and combined in a way that enhance rather than inhibit each other.  We’ve seen many examples in the industry of ingredients being used in such small doses that they wouldn’t have an effect or combined in ways that counteract each other. Our nutritionist-led, bottom-up approach sets us apart in this regard. 

Your product range has four different types of protein Blends – how are these different and who are they aimed at?

Protein is an important nutrient made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of skin, hair, nails, muscle and tendons. Protein also ensures your immune system is functioning properly and has been shown to keep you feeling fuller for longer keeping hunger pangs at bay better than carbohydrates or fats. Our four different superfood protein blends are protein powders that contain different functional ingredients to target specific goals – StrongFitHealth and Lean.

The Strong One: Supports muscle, power and strength gains, heal inflammation and speed up recovery times. Right for those who do a lot of weights, compound movements and are looking to increase strength. 

The Fit One: Maximises performance, rehydrates, increases energy and support lean muscle development. Perfect for those who do a lot of high-intensity work and cardio, and want to energise, replenish and get back to feeling on top of the world. 

The Health One: Focus on your immune system, reduce inflammation, detox and support lean muscle development. Crafted to enhance overall health and well-being, by helping you rejuvenate, detox and feel brighter all round.

The Lean One: Helps metabolise fat for energy, burn calories and supports lean muscle development. Ideal for those looking to slim down, tone up and fine-tune. All in a responsible and sustainable way. 

Are your products beneficial for athletes or mostly just for those that are looking to get fit and stay healthy?

Our products were developed by nutritionists who have a great deal of experience working with world-class athletes and understanding how their diets can affect their energy levels, performance and results. However, the approach we used to develop our products would also certainly benefit people who are not competing but are looking to get fitter and healthier. 

Do you recommend having the protein Blend with water or is having it with milk or a nut milk more beneficial?

This comes down to personal preference. Our protein blends taste great with water and are make for convenient post-workout nutrition. However, they also taste amazing with milk. Besides the added calcium and additional nutrients from milk, the main benefit of our protein blends are the ingredients in them making either water or milk an equally good choice to mix it with.

To find out a bit more about some of the ingredients that make up the Innermost blends, click of the below images. 

Innermost protein blends are availble to buy at the studio for £32 per bag.