Maximising your results at OPUS - How often should you train?

Maximising your training at OPUS

At OPUS we always want you to get the most out of training with us. We believe that a varied training programme is the key to maintaining longevity. Finding a class or a workout that’s challenging but also mentally stimulating is important for your enjoyment and physical benefits.

Our body is designed to move regularly, however your nutrition and recovery is equally as important as the training itself. Eating the right amount of food, maintaining optimal hydration levels and aiming for 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep per night all play a huge part in leading a healthy and long-lasting lifestyle.

On this topic, one of the questions we’re often asked is “how many times a week should I train for the best results?”. There are different answers depending upon your goals, so we’ve summarised our advice on training frequency below.


We believe that building and maintaining and certain level of strength is a fundamental element of being healthy, and regular strength training is always advised. For the best results, you should complete a minimum of 3-4 strength training sessions per week, and your programme should consist primarily of compound lifts, with a real focus on technique and a controlled tempo. If you join our COMPOUND class, we will take you through a full strength-training programme over a 12-week period, with progressive training stimulus to ensure your body is always challenged.

Lower Body Fat and Improve Fitness Levels

To reduce your total body fat, and to release those feel-good chemicals, we suggest you jump into our PERFORM class twice per week, in addition to your regular strength training plan (whether you’re strength training is at OPUS or not). To increase your fitness levels, aim to hold your heart rate above 75-85% of it’s maximum for prolonged periods of time, at least twice per week. If you haven’t tried our PERFORM class yet, it’s a mixture of running intervals on the SkillMill and full-body HIIT exercises using dumbbells, plyo boxes and resistance bands. Each exercise will have three levels of difficulty, to ensure that all fitness levels are catered for.

Improve Posture and Core Strength

To improve your posture and body alignment whilst maintaining and increasing muscle tone, our Reformer Pilates and ISOLATE classes make the perfect combination. Both classes will incorporate exercises to challenge core strength, stability and stamina, however the ISOLATE class will include the TRX, resistance bands and lightweight dumbbells. 2 of these classes in conjunction with a full-body strength programme is optimal.

Sports Therapy and Massage

If you feel constantly burnt out and exhausted, you may need to lighten the load or add an extra recovery day to your training week. If your muscles are sore, tight and tense - book a sports massage with one of our highly qualified therapists, and bounce back into your training with a new sense of vigour.

See you in class!