Finally, summer is here and when it comes to packing your suitcase for holiday, it can be hard enough cramming in all the essentials before you have even considered what you may need to take for working out while you are away. Here is a 30 minute, no excuses, no equipment workout which is as simple as, slipping on your trainers, rolling out a mat and setting a timer on your phone or stop watch. Try this workout before breakfast - a perfect kick start to your day or after a lazy day of doing mostly nothing! This super effective, high intensity workout is designed to make you feel amazing and will most certainly maintain all the hard work you have put in to your training here at OPUS.

Workout essentials - Trainers | Download simple Tabata app on your phone or use a stop watch | Travelling workout mat

Added extras - Resistance band | Bottle of water | 

[THE WARM UP] * add a resistance band if you have one.

Toe touch jacks:

Hinging at the hips, keeping your back straight and reach down to touch your toes before standing up and going straight into a star jump. Repeat 10 times.


Toe Touch   Star Jump

Bodyweight Squats:

Feet shoulder width apart, gradually increasing the depth as your muscles and joints warm up. Repeat 10 times.


Start in a 4-point kneeling position so that your spine is in neutral and lower abs are engaged. Extend both your left leg and your right arm away from your trunk. Hold for a few seconds as you engage your right glute to stabilise yourself and then return to the start. Keep alternating sides.  Repeat 3 times each side. *If you have a resistance band, place it just above the knees on both legs to increase intensity to the glutes and core. 



Alternating single leg bridges:

With your shoulders flat on the floor, lift your hips off the mat into a bridge position. Extend your left leg whilst keeping pelvis inline through activating your right glute, hold for a few seconds and then alternate legs.  Repeat 3 times each side. *If you have a resistance band, place it just above your knees for a little extra resistance for your glutes.

SL Bridge

Sl Bridge



Repeat section 1, three times before moving onto section 2 and repeating three times. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds with a ten second rest afterwards before moving onto the next exercise. * = advanced option



[1] Wide leg roll down

Stand with your legs a little wider than hip width apart. Roll down so your hands are on the floor and then walk them into a high plank position (a plank but off your hands and not elbows). Walk your hands back towards your feet keeping your knees as straight as possible and then stand upright.  *Perform a push up in the high plank position. 

Roll DownPlank


[2] 3 jumping lunges, 1 leg kick

Start by standing in a split leg stance. Perform 3 jumping lunges (or for no impact on the knees, 3 Reverse lunges). Swing the back leg forward and kick before returning into the split lunge position.  Repeat the process but you will be starting on the other leg now.

*Perform 3 kicks quickly instead of 1

Jump Lunge  Leg Kick

 [3]  Jump left, jump right, burpee

Start in a high plank with feet together, jump feet towards outer edge of left hand. As quickly as you can, jump feet back to high plank before repeating to the outside of the right hand. Go back to the high plank position before tucking in your knees and jumping your feet under the middle of your hands, as soon as your feet land, stand and jump in the air. * tuck knees to chest as you jump up into the air.

Jump Right Burped

 [4] Reverse plank hold

Lift yourself into a reverse plank position keeping a straight line with your body (lift chest up to sky, engage core and squeeze glutes). Keep gaze looking straight ahead towards the roof or if possible allow your head to tilt back into a comfortable position. Hold position for the entire time. * Alternate leg raises keeping legs as straight as possible and ensuring hips do not drop.

Rev Plank  Rev Plank leg lift 

[5] Stay low moving squats

Start at one end of the room in a squat position. Taking small steps whilst maintaining the squat, walk slowly to the top of the room. Make sure your hips do not rotate as you move, keep the weight through your heels and keep your chest lifted. Stand up as you reach the other end of the room briefly (for a small respite), before sinking back down into squat and then repeating the same technique backwards to the end of the mat. *Sink as deep as you can into squat without losing form and do not pause to stand up before you continue into backward motion.




[1] Bear crawls

Start at the bottom of your mat with hands touching either corner. In a 4-point kneeling position, lift up your knees so your back is in neutral and your weight is supported by your hands and toes. Keeping your core engaged and pelvis in neutral, crawl up the room starting with left hand and right foot and then right hand and left foot until you reach the top of the room. Rotate around so you are facing the other way and continue along until you reach the other end. KEEP IT SLOW Imagine you are carrying your favourite glass of wine on your lower back doing your best not to spill it! * perform bear crawl in forward motion until you reach the end of the room and then crawl backwards with same technique. 

Bear Crawl

[2] Curtsy lunge into a squat on your left leg into squat

Stand on your left leg. Perform one Curtsy lunge with your right leg (right leg moves behind left leg in the mimic of a curtsy). When both knees are bent, stay low and take the right leg back out to the right and into a squat stance. Without standing up, sink straight into a deep squat.

Courtesy Lunge Squat

[3] Supine scissors

Lie on your back with your arms down by your side. With a neutral spine, lift your legs into a table top position. Slowly extend legs ensuring lower abdominals are engaged and take them to a point which is challenging without losing deep abdominal connection (Visualise just enough space between your lower back and the mat to slip an after eight mint which you don’t want to melt!) With control, lower one leg towards the ground, immediately switching legs to create a scissor like motion. Remember to breathe throughout, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your lips.


[4] Curtsy lunge on your right leg into a squat

Same as above on right leg

[5] Mountain climbers

A great finisher! Get into a high plank position. With your abdominals engaged, squeeze your glutes and draw your shoulders away from your ears. Drive your right knee to your chest, squeeze your abs making sure your hips do not sway or you come out of your plank position. Quickly switch legs and pull the left knee into chest, continue this switching so that you are using a ‘running’ motion and try to increase speed

 Mountain Climber