The human body is an amazing organism that is able to constantly adapt to its surroundings.  This is the underlying principle behind training and specifically that of weight training. Without an ever-increasing stimulus forcing the body to change and adapt, the body will stagnate and not be forced to improve itself.  That’s why physical strength is such an important tool in combating the harmful effects of inactivity and weakness so present in today’s society.  The benefits of strength training are enormous - increased bone density (osteoporosis), better sleep, decreased risk of insulin resistance (diabetes) and decreased blood pressure, to mention a few. This is why our new COMPOUND class structure has been developed and is so applicable to everyone!  

We have been constantly designing, testing, re-designing and re-testing to make a class that will drive each and every person throughout every single class. Not only will it push everyone through each class but by following the class through its entire cycle, the body will be constantly forced to adapt as each cycle gets harder through changes in intensity (weight) and volume (sets and reps).  The first stage of the new class structure is: Endurance.

The Endurance phase of the COMPOUND class is based around a higher volume (think lots of controlled repetitions), at a lower intensity (think muscle burn, but low impact). The weights won’t be too heavy, but they will take you out of your comfort zone! And for the more experienced weight lifters among the group, the weights can be increased quicker to increase the intensity of the class!  In addition to the muscular adaptations, the Endurance phase is designed to teach (or refine) the fundamental principles of weight training and re-affirm the correct techniques for each exercise. Following the four-week Endurance phase, you’ll be mentally and physically ready to enter the second phase of our programme – Hypertrophy.

The second phase of our COMPOUND programme is the Hypertrophy Phase. In this 4-week block, we will increase the intensity of the exercises, but decrease the repetitions. This will ultimately force the body to adapt to a slightly heavier load, the result being a more dense, toned and lean body. Broadly speaking, the increased intensity in this phase is two-fold: to increase your confidence in lifting heavier weights than you have before, which in turn will improve your body’s ability to deal with, and recover from, working with greater loads.  Secondly, the Hypertrophy phase is there to teach you a new set of exercises to utilise in your quest to get strong! 

The final phase of the COMPOUND programme, Strength, is where we really want to challenge your physical and mental toughness. By this stage of the COMPOUND programme, you will have developed the confidence to use the heavier weights without fear of injury and mastered the correct technique for the main exercises we use in our classes. Your muscles, bones and ligaments will have developed significantly, allowing you to push yourself harder and get even more from your workouts. It is in this final phase that we will aim to raise the intensity of your sessions for the final time – to maximise your results.

By the time you finish all three phases (or one COMPOUND cycle), no matter what your level of experience at the start, you will have improved your confidence and physical strength exponentially.  Not only is this important if you want to start training for a specific sporting event or a hike you plan to do, but for overall health and wellbeing. As previously mentioned, a lack of strength (or the ability to deal with physical stress) is a major problem for people in today’s society.  

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