Whilst treadmills are great pieces of kit, there is a newer, smarter version on the scene. The SkillMill, in stark contrast to the treadmill, has been designed for those looking to develop power, stamina, agility and speed through self-propulsion. With its curved design, it is much better for your joints and favours those wanting to run with less impact.

We all know that running is a great way to get into shape and to increase our fitness. Whether you’re looking to become healthier, train for a sport, boost mood or to lose weight, running is one of the simplest ways to do it! 

So long as you keep yourself upright on a conventional treadmill, you’ll be able to continue running until the speed pushes you off the back; the moving belt is actually helping you to cover the distance. In turn, this is reducing the amount of work required from your glutes and hamstrings making it an all round easier run.In essence, running should work the posterior chain muscles and conventional treadmills don’t let you do that. 

The SkillMill has no motor, a curved running platform and a resistance lever to give a feel of running uphill.

When using the SkillMill for the first time, one of the strangest things for clients to get used to is that they are in complete control of the machine. There are no buttons to press, and no thinking about what speed to set it to. You just run! Therefore the quicker your legs go, the faster the belt will move.

As the machine is self-powered, the running speed can be inconsistent - forcing your body to constantly make small adjustments - an added benefit to the user's coordination. A top tip here is to look straight ahead whilst running and not look down at your feet. Trust that your legs will do what you need them to do (and they really will) and keep a steady pace. The curved shape encourages you to maintain the correct body position (tall, relaxed and balanced), and while it can take a little bit of time to get right, it works wonders for your running. 

The SkillMill’s true unique selling point is its ability to facilitate resisted running-based exercises at the flick of a lever. There are 10 levels of resistance, and depending on the exercise you are doing, you change it by pushing or pulling the resistance handle. You can run on levels 0-5 with 0 being great for sprints and level 5 feeling as though there’s an incline. At levels 6-10 you’ll be required to hold onto the handles at the front of the machine and use your whole body strength to move the belt. This is a fantastic way of working the legs in a diverse and challenging way.  

Perhaps one of the most satisfying aspects of the SkillMill is that you don’t have to do as much on the machine as a conventional treadmill, but reap more rewards. More of a core workout; higher calorie burn; and greater cardio benefits.

The versatility and simplicity of the SkillMill is becoming more attractive to those who want to take their indoor running seriously, keeping it fun and dynamic. 

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