Online Personal Training

Due to the studio being temporarily closed, we've moved our Personal Training online!

Our one-on-one training sessions are designed to inspire clients to focus on themselves and their specific fitness goals. 

Following the initial consultation, aimed to delve into training motivations and assess baseline fitness, we will design a bespoke, challenging and progressive training program which will educate clients on the elements of fitness that are relevant to them. During the assessment process we pay particular attention to pre-existing injuries and historic movement patterns. OPUS trainers have exceptional knowledge of the human body and a particular interest in corrective exercise. They aim to get to the root cause of any complaint and work with clients to build stronger, more flexible and resilient bodies, capable of coping with the demands of modern lifestyles. If we identify a condition which cannot be rectified through personal training alone, we work with some of London's leading medical practitioners who are best placed to advise on the approach to take.

One-on-one training at OPUS provides the necessary expertise and support to enable clients to achieve their fitness goals.



Stay in touch with your favourite OPUS trainers & join us for a series of 45 minute live classes. Most of our classes can be done with no equipment. 

Download Zoom & book in to the class at least 15 minutes before the start time to take part! 


Our online subscription service allows you access to a selection of pre-recorded training videos. All are under 30 minutes long and range from mat Pilates to strength training and HIIT classes. We will be adding one new class per week to the platform.